Toy Story Party Supplies

Lots of Toy Story party supplies and make your own Toy Story decorations, perfect for your first birthday themes.

Toy Story party stuff a great way to add a splash of color to your one year olds party and if you have older children as guests, then this are a great theme that they can be part of too.

To infinity and beyond! What child or adult for that matter have not heard of Toy Story? The three installment movies of Toy Story are all about friendship and loyalty. The essence of Toy Story is so wholesome that parents and children are drawn to Toy Story as birthday party theme. There is no shortage of Toy Story party supplies available in physical and online stores.Who among the Toy Story characters do you prefer? Woody? Buzz Lightyear? Jessie? How about Mr. and Mrs. Potato? Decorating the venue is quite easy what with the ready-made birthday banners, table cover, Mylar balloons and more. For example a Deluxe pack would normally include a centerpiece, dinner and cake plates, cups, napkins, table cover, balloons, streamers, curling ribbon, candles and cutlery sets .

Toy Story Party Invitations

Set the mood for the party by sending out Toy Story invitation. You can be creative and make the invites yourself. Choose a Toy Story character and build the invitation around him/her. A great idea for an invitation is a make-believe toy trunk. Use brown cardboard, shape and cut it as toy trunk making sure there is a lid that folds down. Once the lid is open the parry details could be seen written on it. You can even choose to buy a miniature of one of the characters, attach the party details on the miniature toy and send them out to guests.

Toy Story Party Supplies And Decorations

The primary colors of red, blue and yellow are the ones associated with Toy Story. You can easily use this palette for they are associated with Toy Story. Use yellows, reds and blues. Choose these colors for decor and for balloons, plates, cups and other party needs. Children might be conflicted as to which character to build-up on so it’s best to please all guests by decorating the venue accordingly, although if most of your guests are one year olds they probably won’t have an opinion yet!

To avoid bias, you can opt to decorate half of the buffet or dining table with a Woody inspiration and the other half with a decor inspired by Buzz. Cover half of the buffet table with an ultra-sleek white and green logo while the rest of the display from should be Woody-inspired of ropes and cowboy hats.Why not ask guests to bring in their much-loved toy for show and tell. You can make use of these toys as centerpieces too. A simple cowboy hat instead of a favorite toy is a good idea for a centerpiece.

Another idea is to set up the venue as Pizza Planet complete with a mini-claw machine, moon bounce, football, air hockey, foosball and more. For a more authentic Toy Story Birthday Party theme, dress the birthday celebrant as a character from Toy Story. Better yet, give your guests an option to come in costumes.

Toy Story Birthday CakeĀ 

Don’t forget to order a special 1st birthday cake for the occasion, or if you are feeling creative then have a go yourself! Cupcakes with character toppings seem like a good idea unless of course you prefer a Buzz Lightyear-shaped cake.

Bring in the loot bags last and Toy Story stickers, punch balloons, Buzz flyer, a Woody cowboy hat and more. For the older children you could have the green army men and mini slinky dogs as well. One year olds are not good with mini toys but a cookie shaped as their favorite character would be a treat.