Tinkerbell Party Supplies

Perfect 1st Birthday Theme

Tinkerbell Party supplies are one great way to ensure a magical 1st birthday party. Sparks of hot pink, chartreuse and purple will bring in the necessary festive colors for a Tinkerbell birthday.

Tinkerbell or Tink was the pixie fairy who is Peter Pan’s source of pixie dust so he could fly! Her voice sounded exactly as a tinkling bell and with her magic wand helped mend kettle and pots. She also helped Peter Pan fly though the nooks and crannies of Never Never Land, a reminder that each and every child has his own adventures, true or imagined.

tinkerbellTinkerbell is a naughty little pixie. Her wings beat so fast that they emit energy and colorful sparkle of lights. This feisty and sassy little fairy with per pixie dust is everyone’s favorite! Many little girls love Tinkerbell that they prefer to have a Tinkerbell birthday party theme. It is not hard to put up such a theme today as there are plenty of online and offline stores that carry Tinkerbell Party Accessories.


First, source for a Disney Tinkerbell Infant Costume for the birthday girl. A Tinkerbell party will not be complete if there are no little guests traipsing about in their fairy dresses and wings. Don’t forget the magic wand for the pixie dust.

Tinkerbell Party Invitation

The easy way is to buy some themed invites at any Tinkerbell Party Supplies store. There are lots of choices as there are invites with Tinkerbell on it or you can opt for the plain ones in the color of pink, purple or chartreuse. A more invitation is, of course, a hand-made invitation. One idea is to print out a map of Never Land on a 4″X6″ pink board paper. Mark all the famous areas such as the Wendy House and Mermaid’s Lagoon. Suggested wordings are:

Share the Magic of ______________’s Birthday! Come to Neverland at (insert party venue address) wearing your finest pixie dress. Don’t forget the date! (Insert date here)For more magical and festive effect, insert the card on a purple envelope with a sprinkling of glitter.

Tips for a Tinkerbell Birthday Party

There is no need for you to break sweat in sourcing for Tinkerbell Party Supplies as you can source them online. There are party kits inclusive of lunch and dessert plates with matching napkins, cups and pink cutleries. A plastic table cover is also inclusive so are pink balloons, rolls of white curling ribbons and purple crepe streamer.

For more customization you can also get Tinkerbell Centerpieces for guest tables and the buffet table. Instead of the themed plastic table cover, another idea is to use pink cloth for cover. Run a purple or chartreuse nylon glitter on the table and add more glitz by sprinkling Tinkerbell confetti on the table.If you want to go natural bunch together pink and purple flowers in a Tinkerbell tin pail available at any Tinkerbell Party Supplies Store. For a more authentic-looking party area, cover the walls with butcher paper and paint scenes from Peter Pan such as the Mermaid Lagoon, trees, flowers and even Captain Hook’s ship!

When guests come in, start the magical birthday party by adorning them with magic dust. Mix together aloe vera gel and very fine polyester glitter for a fitting magic dust. Dab a speck on each guest’s cheek and set the Tinkerbell birthday rolling.

Here are some lovely Tinkerbell birthday supplies available online at the moment.