Rainbow Party Supplies Perfect For Your First Birthday Themes

Rainbow party supplies and things to make yourself for a fantastic colorful 1st birthday party.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet – these are the colors of the rainbow! A rainbow party has numerous possibilities. You can opt for a rainbow party in tandem with a garden-themed party. You can also opt for a rainbow party with a Care Bears first birthday theme or Rainbow Brite party though a rainbow party is a party theme on its own. If you wish to have this theme for your child, then you can source for rainbow party supplies at all leading party supplies retailers.

Conceptualize the party! Think of the invitations, party decorations, activities, food and drink and party favors. If you wish for your guests to come in fitting costumes, then you should indicate this in the invitation. You can readily source for ready-made invitations straight from rainbow party supplies shops. However, if you want a more personalized invitation here are several options for handmade invitations.

Rainbow Party Invitations

An easy DIY invitation is to download a rainbow clipart and enlarge it to a size that will fit a 4″x6″ board. Using a word processor, include the party details on the rainbow clipart. Once you are satisfied with the design, print the edited rainbow clipart on the cardstock and write the guest’s name on the reverse side. You can make the invitation more attractive by putting the invitation in a colored envelope.

Another option is to print the party information on a large round label that you can stick on a 4″ to 5″ rainbow lollipop. You can then give these lollipops to your guests. Or you can choose to send out a small packet of candy with the party information printed on a rectangular sticker label.

Party Decorations

You can buy a plenty of rainbow party supplies online and offline. However, you can always get creative and do your own decorations. Cover the party room’s wall with butcher paper then draw a big rainbow and color it. You can make this as the backdrop for photos. Should you wish to take it easy, you can always buy a ready-made rainbow poster.

Cut strips of various colored streamers or crepe paper. Twist them so you can create a rainbow. Decorate the walls with photos of the birthday celebrant in chronological order. You can even use these photos for a trivia game. You can also create a photo collage of your child instead and hang them on the wall with a rainbow.

Party Food


There are lots of ways to add the colors of the rainbow to your party food without reaching for the food coloring!

You could create a rainbow fruit salad on a big tray with strawberries at the top of the arch, peach, melon or oranges next, then melon, next grapes or kiwi fruit, blueberries, and red grapes. You don’t have to have every color of the rainbow but having the arch and a few colors will give the same effect.

You can use the fruit as toppings on cupcakes and you can use vegetable coloring to make some amazingly colorful cakes. Our pink 1st birthday cakes have beetroot as the color and you don’t taste the beetroot.

Plus a bit of a favorite in our house is jello, you could make a layered jello to look like a wobbly rainbow!

Party Activities

A popular children’s activity is Rainbow sand art. Prepare a see through sand art container. Fill this see-through container with different colored sand for a rainbow pattern. Let the little guests get creative. You can give each guest a shirt or photo frame for them to decorate with beads, ribbons, buttons, and feathers in different colors. Prepare small pots of paints and glitters too for decorations. The guests can then bring home their art projects as party souvenirs.

For baby guests you can ask other mommies to help make rainbow necklaces. It would be fun to string an edible rainbow necklace of cereals. Give guests a small bowl of Fruit Loops and a piece of string to create their rainbow necklace.

A sweet momento for you would be to have a plain white sheet that you have your party guests sign with painted hands. If you can have enough help you could try and create a rainbow with everyone’s hand or foot prints. This is a good activity to do outside!

Party Favors

Choose solid color bags in rainbow colors for the loot bag and tie a matching ribbon on top. You can also opt for a small container (a pot) for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Fill either container with lollipops, candy, crayons, rainbow-colored pinwheels, colored foil-wrapped chocolate candies and more.

Don’t forget to order a pinata from the local rainbow party supplies retailer. Have fun!