Your Princess’ First Birthday

Your princess’ first birthday is a magical time, your little girl is one and that is a big reason to celebrate. Time to turn your home into a party fit for a 1st birthday princess and enjoy creating a little girl’s tea party or if the weather is nice you could even have a picnic.

Party Food For A Princess

pink tea party

A tea party fit for a princess

  • Cupcakes and finger sandwiches, cookies and bowls of strawberries and grapes are a great hit among one year olds.
  • For the grown-ups you could have scones and cakes served with cups of tea.
  • If you don’t own your own tea service with a teapot have a look at your local thrift store as you will always find one in there, the cups may not all match but that adds to the charm!

Princess Party Decorations

Decorate the table with either a gingham table cloth or lace cloth for the adults. Make sure you have clipped it to the table as you don’t want everything to go flying when an inquisitive one year old gives the cloth a quick tug!

To decorate the room use old fashioned bunting in vintage colors and fabric, you can buy these but you can make them from scraps of material you have lying around or use wrapping paper for an easier but less robust option.

I have used rolls of wrapping paper as tablecloths at my children’s parties and taped them to the table – this often works out cheaper than buying a paper tablecloth and you get more choice of colors and designs.

One year olds love to explore and a great party game for your tea party is to have a pile of fabric, lots of different textures for them to play with – velvet, lace, embossed, zips, voile and velcro. Hang lace and voile up in a door entrance and they will happily sit and play with it.

Balloons are also a cheap and easy party decoration, but for some reason when you are one all you want to do is bite or dig your nails in, so its best to be ready to deal with the shock of a balloon going pop. Don’t make a big thing of it, oh dear, laugh and move onto the next balloon!

If you are lucky to have good weather then having a picnic tea party means less mess inside! Make sure you have lots of blankets for everyone to sit on and that there is plenty of shade. Use your washing line and peg lots of colorful sheets or old curtains to create a bizarre and fun backdrop as well as create some extra shade.

For a going home favor from your princess first birthday you could make little cloth bags and have a small cuddly toy or number ‘1’ cookie inside.

Remember to have to the camera ready and send lots of photos!

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