Minnie Mouse Party Supplies

Minnie Mouse party supplies and decorations are a must have when you are hosting a Minnie Mouse birthday party and you can add your own bits and pieces to make it personal to your one year old. There are tons of Minnie Mouse items out there to enhance your child’s birthday party – from invites to party favors, Minnie Mouse has them all. An ultimate Minnie Mouse party pack includes service for 8! -invites, thank you notes, dinner and dessert plates, cups, cutlery, placemats, tablecover, a centerpiece, Mylar and latex balloons, streamers, a Minnie Mouse pinata, cake topper, Minnie Mouse ear headbands, necklaces and tumblers. This party pack is so complete all you need to do is prepare the food and you are all set.


However if you feel that you need to get your creative juice flowing you can choose to make your own invites. A real simple invitation that you and your child can do is with the use of card stock. Buy red or fuchsia pink 3”x5” card stock paper. Print the details of the party using silver marker. Attach Minnie Mouse stickers on the card, out in a matching envelope filled with glitter confetti and send out to guests at least 3 weeks in advance.
Another easy option is to use a Minnie Mouse background with your child’s photo on it. Include the details of the party and have it printed in 3R photo. Put in a red envelope, tie a pink ribbon around the envelope then send out to guests.

Minnie Mouse Dress

Have your daughter wear a Minnie Mouse costume, complete with Minnie Mouse ear headband. Let your daughter wear white gloves for authenticity. Make sure to purchase Minnie Mouse (for the girls) and Mickey Mouse (for the boys) ears and white gloves for your guests too. You can inform your guests to come in costume too. Seeing a lot of Mickeys and Minnies having party fun is fun!

Minnie Mouse Party Supplies And Decorations

Minnie Mouse colors are red, yellow, black and white. If you care to save on Mylar balloons, you can opt for the latex balloons in the motif colors. Attach curling ribbons to make each balloon more festive-looking. Group balloons in 4(all colors) then tie them on posts, back of chairs, window grills, trees, plants and where ever possible.

Decorate the party area with Minnie Mouse items that your daughter owns mixed with the Minnie Mouse party supplies. Decorate the area with streamers in motif colors. Post Minnie Mouse posters at the entrance. Make cutouts of Minnie Mouse in black and red cardboard paper and attach them on walls. Use Minnie Mouse tablecovers. For centerpieces attach three small red, black and yellow balloons on a small Minnie Mouse stuffed toy and place it on the table.

Party Games and Activities

  • As the little guests arrive, have them color a Minnie Mouse coloring page as you wait for other guests to arrive. Make provision for posting the finished art works.
  • Do a very simple Musical chair Minnie Mouse version. Play Disney music.
  • Have someone do Minnie and Mickey face paints.
  • Pin the nose or pin the tail on Minnie.
  • For quiet time, have the kids watch a Minnie Mouse movie or read out loud a Minnie Mouse story book.
  • To end the party, let the kids enjoy a game of piñata.

Foods and Drinks

  • Shape cheese sandwiches in the shape of Minnie Mouse using a cookie cutter.
  • Serve mini open-face mini burgers and top each with a Minnie Mouse-shaped cheese.
  • Hotdogs!
  • Chips!
  • Crackers and Cheese!
  • Ice Cream!
  • Minnie Mouse cupcakes!
  • Do not forget the birthday cake with a Minnie Mouse motif.