Little Mermaid Party Supplies And Ideas

Little Mermaid party supplies are a great way to theme your 1st birthday party, you could be having an under the sea theme or a princess party.

A Little Mermaid theme birthday party is a wonderful way to celebrate your baby girl’s first birthday party. What fun it would be to see a lot of little Princess Ariels milling about in one place. You can hold the birthday party in your house or in the backyard. You can also opt to celebrate it at a local park or by a swimming pool or even at the local aquarium. The important thing is that you prepare well for the party for a great first birthday bash. Whatever you do, do not forger to order Little Mermaid plates, cups, napkins, spoons and forks at any online store that sells Little Mermaid Party Stuff.

Little Mermaid Invitations

To start the fun, create your own invitations. Of course you can always opt for ready-made invites from Little Mermaid Party Supplies but hand-crafted invites are more personal. Source for small (6 inches) bottles (with neck) at any craft store. Buy some pink-colored sand which you will pour halfway in each bottle. Cut cream-colored paper into 2 1/2″ x 4″ rectangles. Write down the party details on the paper using glitter pen. Roll the invitation, tie with w golden thread and then stuff inside the bottle. This is certainly a unique and great idea for an invitation.

An easy way for personalized invites is to print an image of Ariel on white invitation cards. Write the party details on the inside page and then decorate with stickers of Flounder, Sebastian and other Little Mermaid characters. Put in an envelope and mail to your guests.

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Little Mermaid Party Supplies

Little Mermaid Party Decorations

The right colors are turquoise, purple, pink, shades of blue and silver. Deck the party place with balloons and streamers in the same colors. Get some posters of Little Mermaid scenes and post them on walls. Hang some fishnets on corners and string them with twinkling lights. Cover the living room lights with blue cellophane for an under the sea feel.

Buy some Mylar balloon dolphins and other fish and let them freely-float in the party area. For further effect, have varied shades of blue latex balloons on the floor for an ocean feel. Don’t forget to play Little Mermaid songs for background music. Another great idea is to print and enlarge pictures of Ariel, Prince Eric, King Triton, Ursula, Flounder and Ursula and decorate other areas of the party venue. If the party is at your house, hang the pictures on fence and walls. Add some fish cutouts, water plants and flowers.

Little Mermaid Food and Drinks

For a truly-filling party food serve sea food Alfredo or Carbonara pasta dish. Serve garlic bread with this pasta dish. Your young guests might not be too keen with this food prepare only a small amount and the ever-popular mac and cheese.

Make blue Jello by following package directions. Pour the jello into a clear a clear bowl then refrigerate. After an hour check if the jello has thickened a bit then insert gummy fish into the jello mixture. Chill further and then serve.

Photo by Lin Pernille

Photo by Lin Pernille

Serve bowls of goldfish crackers, tuna salad sandwich cut into fish shapes and hotdog with one end cut in an X pattern -to make for 4 legs of octopus hotdogs!

For drinks, serve blue punch. Another refreshing and filling drink is a concoction of blue power drink with vanilla ice cream and cube ice processed in a blender. This is a nice smoothie drink for the young and the not-so-young guests. There is no right or wrong food and drinks to serve. Serve what you think your guests will enjoy.