Lego Party Supplies

Perfect For Your 1st Birthday Party

Lego party supplies are not just for the older kids, one year olds love their very own small person’s Lego which is Duplo. The primary colors of duplo and the kits that you can get make it a great 1st birthday gift and also a great 1st birthday theme.The brand Lego has been synonymous with brain-stimulating brick construction toys since the 1930s. The innovative construction toy company was founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen in Denmark and what started out as simple wooden toy company gradually expanded to its status today. The popularity of Lego is phenomenal and are a lot of children (and adults) who prefer a Lego birthday party theme, The trend is not really hard to sustain as there are plenty of Lego party supplies available in online and offline stores.

Lego Themes

There are different Lego party supplies themes available. You can opt for Star Wars Lego theme or Lego City, Lego Indiana, Harry Potter, Lego Pirates, Trains, Duplo, Mindstorm, Bionicle or Creator. Available party supplies for these themes are party packs of dinnerware, banners, Mylar balloons, favors, invitations, bags and even costumes. A Lego Star Wars party pack includes 8 invitations, cups, spoons, forks, dinner plates, activity placemats, napkins, table cover, centerpiece and other decorations such as foil and rubber balloons in 3 colors, curling ribbons, crepe paper, confetti and cake candles.

Lego Cake

You can theme your Lego party from invitations, to decorations, dinner plates, spoons and forks, cups, to thank you card. It is also possible to have a colorful Lego cake by sourcing for a cake shop that is willing to take on the challenge. It is actually quite easy to do your own Lego cake. Bake mini cakes in loaf pans. When cool take them out of the pan and shape them into rectangular pieces. Use egg white or fondant icing in bright red, blue, green and yellow. Stack them as construction bricks for effect. Then there is the Lego cake mold that you can purchase and use for the birthday cake.

Lego Party Decorations

You do not have to buy all your lego party supplies. For venue decorations, you can opt to craft large Lego bricks by making use of large rectangular boxes in bright colors. Get 6 paper cups and cur off 2” to 3” off the top so that only the bottom of the cup is left. Glue these cut-off bottoms to the large box to make it look like a gigantic Lego brick. Place these big Lego bricks at strategic spots.

For your table centerpiece, you can opt to make smaller Lego bricks with the use of milk cartons. Use one liter (quart) milk carton and cut off its top. Close the cut-off part with a card board or its equivalent material. Use 6 plastic caps from extra milk or juice cartons and hot glue them to the milk carton. Paint in bright primary colors for a finished look.

For an easier project, print out pictures from Lego sites then hang them on walls. You can even opt to design your own tarpaulin with the picture of the birthday celebrant in it with a background of Lego characters.

For a Lego construction theme party, give your guests construction hard hats as they enter the “construction” site. And if you have some Duplo at home then have that available for your guests to play with, it might be an idea to have the Lego bricks on a blanket so you can keep an eye on where the bricks have gone. Lego bricks hurt when you tread or kneel on them! One year olds also like knocking things down so you could have a few towers already made ready for them. The Duplo people are also super cute if you can find some of those.

A little selection of Duplo bricks is a very sweet idea for your party favors, it doesn’t have to cost the earth as you can buy Duplo in big sets and then break it down into favor bags for the children to take some home. Check out Ebay for the bags of bricks – just wash the bricks when you get them and they will look as good as new. That is one of the many advantages of Lego – it lasts forever. When your children get older they can add their Duplo to their new bricks as it all fits together really well.

Ideas for a Lego Party are extensive. You just have to be creative.