Ladybug Party Supplies

Adding ladybug party supplies to your first birthday celebrations is very cute, just think bug ball or have a ladybug and butterflies theme or add some more boyish bugs like spiders for your boys. Ladybugs are more for your princess first birthday.

There are some very cute ladybug party bits and pieces in combination of red, black and white; various shades of pink and a palette of pastels such as lavender, soft pink, soft mint and baby blue. From this variety of colors for ladybug party supplies, it is obvious that indeed, this party theme is very popular.

Handmade Ladybug Invitations

There is something about hand-crafted invitations that make them truly special. Maybe the time and effort spent in crafting an invitation makes it more special that recipients have them as keepsakes. For a real interesting ladybug invitation here’s an easy way to make one.

Trace a circle with a 6 inch diameter onto a white cardstock. Draw an outline of a ladybug’s semi circle head above for the head. Cut along the lines. Color the head and make the face using markers. Write down the details of the birthday onto the white belly.

Cut a red construction paper in 6″ diameter. This will serve as the ladybug’s wings. Decorate the red circle with black dots. You can use markers or felt cutouts if you want. Cut the red circle in half and attach each at the base of the ladybug’s head. Use paper fasteners. Guests can part the ladybug’s wings to read the party details. You have the option to use your own color palette based on the colors of Ladybug party supplies that you prefer.

Ladybug Supplies And Decorations


Have your birthday girl dress up as a ladybug. Decorate the party area with lots of colored latex balloons in color motif. Decorate the party area with ladybug party supplies that include balloons, banners and pictures. Make ladybugs out of colored board papers, cut them out and post on walls. Make a circle out of a red or pink construction paper, glue some black dots on it, make a small black head and you are done.

Photo by Laura Taylor

Photo by Laura Taylor

You can buy pinwheels and place them along the walkway. Hang ladybug dangling decors on low tree branches and ceiling. You can also add curling ribbons on balloons to make them look more festive.

The birthday cake is part of the decorations. Choose a themed-cake. If you prefer cupcakes, you can always use a ladybug cupcake topper.

Ladybug Party Games

Dress up like a ladybug! Have someone do ladybug facepaint on guests’ cheeks!

Source for ladybug antennae either by buying ready-made ones or make them yourself. You would need black pipe cleaners and headbands for this project. Hot-glue the black pipe cleaner on the headband then finish them by attaching a pompon at the ends. You can make red felt capes with black ribbons for tying the cape around the child’s shoulders. Add black dots on the red cape. This is fun for all your little guests.

For the younger guests you can do musical chairs. For the older kids a fun activity is nature scavenger hunt. If the party is outdoors, you can give the kids list of 10 things found in the garden for them to hunt or look for. You can divide them into groups of 4 -5 children.

Ladybug Party Food

ladybugLadybug food for your party is more to do with the colors.

Simple bread with peanut butter spread topped with strawberry is a ladybug-on-bread.

A bed of lettuce decorated with halved pears in the center is a ladybug salad.

Scoop-out watermelon balls in a bowl. Add some raisins, apples and oranges for a ladybug fruit salad.

Strawberries, cherry tomatoes, red grapes are another healthy way to add color to your 1st birthday party feast.

Do not forget vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream with sprinkles!