John Deere Party Supplies

Perfect For Your 1st Birthday Party

John Deere party supplies fit perfectly if your little one is having a farm or tractor 1st birthday party theme.

There is something about tractors and anything with wheels that fascinates one year olds and nearly one year olds, so you know that this is a party theme that they will love.

And this is not just a boy’s 1st birthday theme as you can get pink John Deere party bits as well as the famous green and yellow.

Homemade John Deere Party Invitations


john-deereYou can buy John Deere party invitations but if you are wanting to send a more personal invitation how about drawing a simple tractor shape and adding a photo of your little one as the driver? Or you could have them standing/sitting next to the tractor if that is easier.

I have put a simple John Deere inspired invitation that you are free to use, just click on the link and you will see the pdf for you to print out.

John Deere Party Supplies And Decorations

The great thing about deciding on decorations for a John Deere themed party is that the colors are so distinctive, anything green and yellow will add to the theme.

You could have green and yellow balloons and bunting made from green and yellow card or material. A green or yellow tablecloth and maybe another green one for the floor so the children can drive their tractors across it!

You can also add some of these great John Deere 1st birthday party supplies.