Twin Girls First Birthday

Planning the girls first birthday party could prove to be a very memorable and engaging endeavor. Family, relatives and friends are sure to get excited and pitch in too in planning the twin girls’ first birthday.

What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice, and everything nice. That’s what little girls are made of! This is according to a 19th century nursery rhyme and up to today, the description still stands. Having a baby girl is such a sweet experience. Having twin girls doubles the sweet experience!

Twin Girl 1st Birthday Themes

What to do first? Think of the theme. Once the theme is set, everything will fall into place.

There are hundreds of girl’s first birthday party ideas. All you need to do is to think of one that is most appropriate for your girls.

If your girls are all soft and cuddly, consider PINK as the theme. Everything should be in pink. The cake, decors, paper plates, napkins, food and beverage would be wonderful in pink!Party stores carry all kinds of pink stuff for girls’ first birthday parties. You don’t have to stress yourself as there are pink balloons, ribbons, loot bags in pink. Worried about what pink foods to serve? Don’t be. Your guests will have a grand time partaking of cupcakes iced in pink; pink fruit juice; strawberries with chocolate dip or vanilla and strawberry ice cream.

You can personalize banners or streamers with pictures of the twins in pink tutus. Hang curled ribbons and different-shades-of-pink balloons all over. Make the party venue as pink as possible but remember to counter the pink with cream or ecru to sort of balance the color.

Pink invites! You can buy a ready-made pack of pink invites or make the invites yourself. If you are tech savvy, you can design the invitations yourself, print them and send them out. You can also opt for more professional looking personalized invitations by ordering from the printers. The downside is this could be a bit expensive. Why not settle for a photo of the twins while they hold a paper on which are written the party details?

Don’t forget the guest book. Have everyone sign the guest book. For your small guests, get their hand or foot prints! Years from now, your grown up girls will appreciate the effort you put into organizing their girls first birthday party.

Party Entertainment

Music is an integral part of the party. You should prepare some activities that will hold the attention of your little guests and your twin girls. Some good ideas are: circle time for some story telling complete with singing and actions. Get someone who is adept in doing story and singing time. You can also choose to have easy art activities. For a more active entertainment you can decorate a wagon and have wagon rides! Roll a really big mat and put out blocks, puzzles, toy maracas and drums, stacking toys and other favorites for an improvised play area.

Other themes that are worth a thought are: 1st birthday princess , carnival, Sesame Street, Care Bears, fairytale party, Winnie the Pooh, and more.

It is not hard to organize a twin girl’s first birthday party. It is, actually, a lot fun! Don’t forget the two pink cakes and the pull string piñata!