Fun 1st Birthday Cards For Twins

1st birthday cards for twins are not easy to find and when you do there is often very little choice. Recently when we were trying to buy a card for our friends’ twins we ended up adding an extra child in the buggy on the front – it took ages to get it just right and it wasn’t perfect.

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The advent of electronic mails and animated birthday cards downloadable online still cannot replace the value and endearing feelings brought about by receiving an actual-signed first birthday cards. Of course you just have to keep the cards first as the year-old twins need to do some “growing” up first before they could read the birthday cards given to them.

What activities can be done to make your twin’s first birthday party a smashing success? If your guests are preschool age, then a lot of quiet and artistic activities can be presented for them. Doing “art” does not need dexterity. Anyone can do art! What better way is there to document the twins’ birthday aside from doing first birthday cards! All you need are precut papers in different shapes and colors; precut 4”X6” board paper in neutrals, markers, glue stick, and lots and lots of multi-colored glitters.

Card-making activity -Spread mats on the floor for the kids to sit on. When the kids are good and ready tell them that you are going to make handmade 1st birthday cards for the twins. Ask other moms to help you distribute the materials. Make sure you put each same-cut colored papers in one box. If you have precut stars, flowers, quarter moon, leaves, sun, trees, circle and triangles, put each shape in its own container. Buy lots of glue sticks as preschool aged kids still do not know the concept of “share”. Buy glitters in red, blue, gold, silver, green, and pink. Preschool aged kids adore colors and anything that glitters. The tackier they are the better.

Hand each child a 4”x6” precut board and show them how to paste different precut shaped colored paper on it. Swirl the glue stick about the page then sprinkle on glitters. Shake glitters off your masterpiece then walla! –show the kids the finished product. Remind the moms to write short 1st birthday greetings for the twins at the back of the handmade birthday cards. You can tack the finished products on a makeshift cork board so the kids can admire their work. Watch how their faces light up as you read out loud each 1st birthday card greeting that they (actually their moms) wrote. Tack each card up as you finish reading it. Pretend that the twins are reading the card with you. As you finish reading each 1st birthday wish, thank the child who did the card. At the end of the “card reading” session, everyone would feel quite festive and ready for some refreshments.

Of course if you need your 1st birthday card before the party here are some cute twins’ ones.