Football Party Supplies For Your 1st Birthday Party

A football themed 1st birthday party needs football party supplies. Team colors and your boys first birthday party will be great.

1st Birthday Football Cake

1st Birthday Football Cake

A Football birthday party theme for a one-year old is fun!-more so for the doting dad. A

football theme is baby boy’s first initiation to that exclusive world of football. The theme might be a little bit grown up for a one-year old but hey! Surely there will be older kids invited to the party so prepare the “playing field” for a real fun football party.


Send out the invitations at least 3 weeks in advance. You would not want to be pass over for another occasion just because you sent the invitations late. For the invites, an easy non-fuss way is to purchase sets of fitting invitations at stores that sell football party supplies. A better way is to craft your very own invitations.

What about a football invitation made like a football jersey? Cut the shape out of white board paper. Draw the collar and draw even stripes on the “shirt” using a black marker. Write the party details at the back of the invitation. Put the invites in a red envelope and attach football stickers on it.

Another idea is to make a pennant for an invitation using colored construction paper. Choose your own color combination and write down the details of the party. Put the pennant into a large colored envelope and send out to guests. If the pennants are really cool, the kids can even hang them on their bedroom walls.

Party Supplies


Decorate the party area with your thematic colors. If the colors are red and blue festoon the area with balloons, banners and streamers of the same colors. Get creative and make banners such as “Rookie of the Year (your child’s name)” and hang them on the wall or even outside the house at the main entry.

Buy one or two football photo stand-in at any store that sells football party supplies. Source for football memorabilia, jerseys, hats, pennants and posters of football all-star players and decorate the walls of the party area. For fun, dress the birthday boy in jersey, take his picture and have a photo stand-in of him made.

Cover the buffet table in plastic table cloth with matching plates, cups and napkins. You can also opt to settle for the team colors and buy solid color partyware. Do not forget the football-shaped pinata. Fill it up with football-shaped candies and chocolates.

Party Food

If there are other one-year olds as guests, prepare cereals and cut fresh fruits for them. For the older kids, you can prepare football-shaped sandwiches. Cut loaf breads, ham and cheese into ovals. Arrange the sandwiches on a colored plastic platter. Rent (or buy) a popcorn maker and pop corns! Make sure the popcorn containers are football game quality.

Corn dog is a great food idea too. You don’t have to break sweat here as you can buy prepared corn dog at any grocery. Deep fry the corn dog and you are all set. You can also serve chicken wings, potato salad, chips and dips, pizza and ice cream. The choice is yours.

For drinks, make lemonade. The cool part is for you to purchase a tin keg for the lemonade. You can also serve sodas for the adults. Fill a tin tub with ice to cool the canned sodas. For party favors, fill favor bags with whistles, footballs cards, stickers, posters and pennants of different football teams.