First Year Birthday Party Ideas

First year birthday party ideas will need to be very cute and there is no better place for inspiration than your very own birthday baby.

Design your party invitation with your little one as the star, a photo of them looking very cute with the caption of “Guess who is going to be 1?” works very well. If you don’t have your own software to design your own cover, head over to our free invitation designs , send us your photo and the wording you want and we will put it together for you. All you will need to do is print it out and fill out the party details!

balloon-pinkDecorate the party room with lots of photos, mount them on card so that they stand out, you could group them from each month and it’s a nice idea to have photos that include your guests – it will make them feel part of the celebrations.

A fun game for the grown ups and older children is to ask for your guests to bring a photo of themselves when they were a baby, everyone will then need to guess who they think they are.

You could also have a fun caption contest using photos of your own birthday baby, the best caption wins a prize. These comments will be fun for you to read years later.

For the babys keep the games and activities simple – they are only one! Pass the parcel will work if there are older children and grown ups to keep the game moving – all babies love to unwrap presents so you may find more than one layer goes at a time!

A beautiful but messy souvenir from the party will be to have everyone paint a hand print and if they are older they could paint a picture. Long after the party, we are talking weeks rather than hours, you could collate them all in a big scrapbook with lots of photos. Or you could tuck them away in a drawer and find them years later!

Make sure you have asked someone to take lots of photos for you, as you will find that you don’t have the time yourself. Hopefully you will get time to enjoy the day!