First Birthday Themes

First birthday themes for your baby’s first birthday party need to be easily recognizable to your baby then they will also get excited if they see they favorite character.

Make sure to have the hankies ready for when they see the room for the first time and shout duck or ball. When our son saw the giraffes on his party decorations he shouted cat, still makes me laugh thinking about it!


Classic 1st Birthday Themes

Classic birthday themes are simple objects that they are familiar with some suggestions are; ducks, stars, teddies, dollies, cars, balls, balloons, dogsfarm animals , and even tractors!

Colors are also a good choice for a theme, you could have lots of colors by theming the party with rainbows or pick a nice bright color combination that will dazzle.

You could have everything pink if it’s your little girl’s 1st birthday and princess themes are also perfect. You will have lots more birthday party opportunities for the pink princess theme, so remember to keep any extra decorations for then!

Blue for boys also is a good start for your little man’s party theme and this you can team with pirates, cars, boats and aeroplanes.

Character 1st Birthday Themes

If your little one has a favorite TV character then this is normally an easy theme to find; Handy Manny ,Sesame Street , Baby Einstein ,Teletubbies , In The Night Garden, Elmo , Thomas the Train, Dora Birthday Party, Care Bears , Winnie The Pooh , finding Nemo . I could go on and on, all have party stuff ready to buy.

elmo-cakeThe thing to remember when you are choosing your first birthday themes is that it is really more about your choice and what you want in the photos. It won’t be long before you find your babies will have their own ideas, so make the most of it now.

If there are older brothers and sisters it’s nice to get them involved and then you may have more help when it comes to the day of the party!

As much help as possible is very welcome when you are stressing whether you have enough food and if anyone is going to come.

1st Birthday Party Help From the Experts

All parties need party games and your 1st party is no exception, follow the link for games tested on one year olds!

As well as your theme finding the right venue is also important, you want somewhere that your one year old will feel happy and comfortable, and that also fits in your budget.

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1st Birthday Party Themes At Home

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Enjoy the day, take thousands of photos and try and get a friend to video the day as you may not find time yourselves.

Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start when you are planning a party here is what you will need to do to have a stress free 1st birthday

And to help plan your first birthday we have put together free printable first birthday party checklists use them to help you organise your party details, as it’s difficult to remember everything when you are also looking after a one year old!

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