First Birthday Shirt Ideas

The first birthday shirt for your birthday boy will be smart and you can get some great little shirts that you could have daddy wearing a matching one too! Our son loves to dress up smart like daddy or his grandads – not sure how long that will last so we are making the most of it now!

A good idea for comfort and less buttons to do up, which is a bonus when your little man wriggles about is a rugby style shirt. It looks sweet and comfortable as it’s made of t-shirt material. You can also get the ones with the fastners underneath.

boy-shirtThere are lots of classic shirt designs available from most children’s shops the ones that we found the best are those with a t-shirt sewn in underneath – much easier to get on and off.

If you are feeling crafty you could paint a shirt and tie design on to a a regular t-shirt. Your birthday boy could have a black tie option if it’s a well dressed party. If making things is not for you, take a look at Etsy. This is where very talented crafty people showcase their work and they have some great and unique designs for boys’ shirts. Just remember what you went there to look for as you can get easily distracted!

You could also paint a 1 on the back of the shirt or lots of 1s all over. The easiest way is to use a stamp or a stencil. You can get some great clothes paints and iron on transfers.

Remember to take lots of photos of your little man before the party while he is looking his smartest! Boys have an amazing ability of finding mess when you don’t want them to!

1st Birthday Shirts