First Birthday Poems For Twins

First birthday poems for your twins that you can use on your cards and your invitations, maybe even for your scrapbook!

A first birthday party is a very sentimental occasion. It marks a year of your child’s existence. It is a testament of the hardships and trials that you went through as a twins’ mom. It is a cause for a celebration for first birthdays are not to be ignored.

Your twins might not remember a single memory of the party that is why it is up to you to document the whole event for the twins to look back to when they are older and able.

Aside from the birthday pictures and invitations that are concrete mementos of the occasion, what other things can you add in your twins’ first birthday album that they could appreciate when they are older? A poem perhaps?

Now don’t go shaking your head and think you can’t do this as “you don’t do poems.” There’s a poet in every one of us. You just need to tap it. Words don’t have to rhyme. There’s no need to watch if you do iambic pentameter or a dactylic hexameter. What’s important is you express yourself, your sentiments, and your wishes for the twins. You can go sentimental or humorous; wacky or serious (did that just rhyme?) Here’s a rule of thumb for first birthday poems for twins – tell it like it is. Here’s a simple poem straight from the heart.

“It’s twins!” said the doctor as If I was in a stupor

Can’t help but be scared for I know nothing about care

Of babies and puppies most especially twin babies!

The first time I saw you (name of twins) I can’t help but smile

My babies are precious and they are truly mine.

It was hard at first, taking care of not to burst

from tears of frustration not knowing how to nurse

two babies left and right oh I am tired just set it right

I love my two babies as it was love at first sight.

Today is your first birthday how proud I am of you

My sincerest wishes and prayers are that

You grow graceful and caring and sweet as can be


__________This is your first Birthday

A very special one

A nice kind of day

For treats and lots of fun.

From the time you get up

Till you go Nighty night

Hope your first Birthday

Is a special delight.


Piece of cake! It should be easy enough for you to do short first birthday poems. Take a moment to gather your thoughts. Think of your wonderful twins – their antics and their ways. Think of how they make you smile and make everything that you do for them worthwhile. (Okay, I’m in a rhyming spree.) The important thing is you write down your feelings. Go ahead!