First Birthday Pinata

A first birthday pinata is a bright addition to any birthday party. You fill it with candy and sweets and then hang the pinata up so that everyone gets a chance to hit it. When someone smashes through everyone gets to gather the sweets.


A friend of ours had a pinata at their daughter’s first birthday and a room of small children having turns with a stick was quite scarey in places! In the end one of the dads managed to smash through, the photos of the party were full of action and color.

If you decide to have a pinata think about where you are going to hang it up. Up high and all the children will need to be lifted up to hit it or you could have it on the floor for everyone to have a go.

Another way to have a pinata is to fill it at the party with momentoes from their first year, you could have messages from all the guests. Add to it each year and keep it for when they are older to look at all the birthday messages.

You could make your own pinata with good old paper mache. Start with a balloon, blow it up and then cover with newspaper that has been covered with wallpaper paste. Leave it to dry and then pop the balloon, you can then paint and decorate the paper mache and fill with sweets. You probably won’t want to smash it up after all your hard work!

Or here are some ready made…

Draw String Pinatas

Draw-string 1st birthday pinatas are the perfect solution for all little one’s parties as there is no risk of anyone feeling left out or getting hurt.

Here is one in action