Free First Birthday Photo Invitations

First birthday photo invitations are a sweet way to send your family and friends a cute photograph of your soon to be one year old!

funnybabyThe easiest way is to send your photo off for someone else to create the invitation, you could have postcards printed with the photo on the front and then you could write your invite on the back. This is also a great way to write your thank you notes as well, so order a few extra!

If you want to design the invite yourself then have a look at what is available on your own computer – do you have any publisher software? I have only recently found mine and it is really easy to use and you can insert photos as well. Here is one┬áthat I have put together using Microsoft Publisher templates that were on my computer. All you need is some good quality card, enough ink in your printer cartridges (otherwise you end up with a modern art picture) and some gorgeous photos of your little one – I imagine you have lots to choose from!

Open up your publisher software and choose your template, use the insert tab to put in your photo and then use text boxes for your words. You can choose any font – have a play until you find the one you want and then make sure you add all of the party details. Where, when and what time!

Free templates are also available online, have a look at these free from Microsoft you can use the template to insert your own photo, add a caption and press print!


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