Classic First Birthday Party Games

Choosing first birthday party games that will have everyone involved can be difficult, most one year olds have the attention span of a goldfish – unless it is something that they are not meant to be doing!

A good way to keep everyone busy is to have a lot of variety and lots of games and a cute way to do this is to have your very own carnival funfair. Depending on the number at your party, choose activities that will fit in your space.

Classic games that one year olds enjoy – even if they don’t follow the rules are;

  1. hook-duckHook a duck – fill a paddling pool with plastic bath ducks, keep it easy by having nets to catch them rather than hooks.
  2. Dig for treasure – use a sandpit or large bucket and bury large plastic toys for the children to find. You will need to provide little spades.
  3. Messy play – fill bowls with cold spaghetti, jelly, mash potato and anything else you can find that you are happy for them to eat if they want. For this you will need to warn the parents so that they can bring a change of clothes.
  4. Skittles – have empty plastic bottles as the skittles and a few balls.
  5. Treasure Hunt – have lots of pictures and objects hidden around the party room that your guests need to find with some help. Print off sheets with all the pictures that they need to find.
  6. Hall of mirrors – there can’t be a one year old out there that is not fascinated with their own reflection use this to create a fun walk through. Have lots of small mirrors either secured to the wall or have them laid on the floor.
  7. Craft activities – if it involves paint, glitter, glue and general chaos then one year olds will love it. You could be super organized and have a theme to the activity or have them make their own party hats.

You could extend the the carnival theme on your invites and your decorations could be lots of bunting and balloons.