First Birthday Invitations For Twins

First birthday invitations that work for twins are not that easy to find, here are some ideas on how you can make your own and also some invitations that you can buy.

Celebrating your twins’ first birthday party with relatives and friends is more fun and memorable. Though the one-year old twins are not up to remembering their first birthday party, looking at the pictures as document to their first ever party years later would surely make them feel more loved and important.

There is something about first birthday parties. Somehow, people put a lot of emphases on it. Why wouldn’t they? A first birthday party is a milestone for the baby twins.

So much stress is put on the decors, food, party games and theme of the party. More often than not, invitations are thought of at the last moment and then there would be no choice but to buy ready-made ones. There is nothing wrong with ready-made cards especially if you are having a theme party. If your theme for the party is “Dora the Explorer” how easy it would be to just buy a themed pack of invites and be done with it. However, if you have the time, it’s best to make your own invitation for a more personal touch.

Written Invitations are best as verbal invitations can be misheard or forgotten. The advent of text messaging is a consideration but do you really want to send text messages as invites? What to do? A trip to the local bookstore and art supply store is a must if you care to do your twins’ first birthday invitations.

Printables. An easy way to customize the invitation is by the use of computer software. Upload a picture of the twins. Insert them on a ready-made format for invitations in your software. Add in the when, what, where of the party. Print those on nice quality paper and you are done. If you don’t know how, there are photo shops out in the mall that could do the layout for you.

  1. DIY invites #1. Let’s say the twins’ theme for the party is Dora the Explorer, wouldn’t it be nice if the invitation is the likeness of a map? Freehand draw the way to your house from a certain landmark. Use a lot of colored markers in drawing the “trail” and draw other landmarks along the way. Make the map as colorful and animated as possible. Use parchment paper for and “old world” feel. Write in the party’s details, roll the map up, tie a ribbon around it and send out your unique invitation.
  2. DIY invites #2. This invitation could be a little costly but what the heck?! First birthdays only comes once. A unique Sesame Street theme invites is fish on a bowl. The fish is, of course, Dorothy (Elmo’s goldfish). Purchase small fish bowls good for a small goldfish. Make sure the goldfish is something like Dorothy. Fill the bowl with multi-colored stones, and some small water plants. Add in de-chlorinated water for Dorothy. You can then attach a small piece of paper on the bowl to announce the occasion. You hit two birds with one stone with this invitation as the fish bowl could also serve as the party favor.

Use your imagination. Guests will be more excited to come if the first birthday invitations are unique. Remember to send out the invites at least two weeks in advance for RSVPs.

Just incase time is not on your side, when is it when you are looking after little ones! Here are some great 1st birthday invitations that would work for twins.