First Birthday Dress Advice

The first birthday dress that you choose for your little girl is going to be special but choosing a great dress can be so hard with all the beautiful dresses available.

Sounds mad that it can be difficult, it’s only their first birthday they are not going to their prom but I made a couple of classic mistakes choosing my daugter’s first dress I thought I would share so that you don’t waste your money.

 If your birthday girl is still crawling then it would be a good idea to avoid dresses with big skirts as they get caught up in them and get frustrated. One dress I bought for our daughter was that type of dres, lots of skirt and matching knickers. It was a lovely dress and she looked beautiful, but after we arrived at my mum and dads and she wanted to explore we had to take the dress off. Thank goodness for the matching knickers! Not the look you probably want at their first birthday or in the photos! Saying that it would be a funny story to tell when they get older.

You will want your birthday girl to feel comfortable in their party dress and with the cost of some, the more wears you can get out of it the better.

If you are a good dressmaker you could make your own, or if like me you wouldn’t want your child to wear anything you made you have to have a look at Etsy. It is the most amazing site, full of beautiful hand made items from very talented people and the prices are very reasonable when you think that they are handmade.


The dress that our daughter ended up wearing was a grey/silver light velvet dress which she wore to most parties that year.

Our little one in her party dress

Our little one in her party dress

Have fun choosing your first birthday dress!