First Birthday Dog Party Ideas

First birthday dog parties are fun! You could be here because you are looking for a theme for your child or for your pet, either way here are our party ideas!

Children’s First Birthday Dog Party Ideas

Dogs are well recognized by most little ones, they are probably the animal that they have had the most contact with and they are cute.

snoopyPopular favorite doggy characters for one year olds that you could base your theme on are Clifford the big red dog, Snoopy, Goofy, Droopy, Pluto, and Odie – from Garfield.

Starting with your invites you could have a cute photo of your little one with a pair of doggy ears and a face painted nose – it is doubtful you would manage any more as one year olds can be a bit fidgety!

A simple invite would be a paw print.

Decorate your party room with pictures of the characters mentioned before and bright balloons.

Party games for one year olds need to be simple; a big box that you have decorated before or that your little party guests can decorate at the party would make a great kennel. Cut a hole out of the side and they will spend ages crawling in – make sure you have a box big enough for a few to be in at the same time. Have more than one box if you have lots of guests!

You could also have a treasure hunt – with adult help – where your guests have to find doggy items that you have hidden; balls, cuddly toys, pictures of dogs. A prize for everyone is a good idea!


cake-dogHave lots of balls out for your guests and if you have any cuddly toy dogs you could have those out too. Dogs love agility courses and so do little ones. Put together your own agility course with things that they have to crawl under, through or over.

With all this activity your guests will want lots of party food, theme your table and have fun making your very own dog themed 1st birthday cake! Your centerpiece for your table could be a cuddly toy doggy holding onto balloons.

First Birthday Dog Parties For Your Dog

bone-cakeHolding a 1st birthday party for your dog is not as mad as you may think – lots of people do and when you think of the love that your furry friend has brought to your home it is definitely worth celebrating.

Choose the location for your party carefully, are you going to be inviting new dog friends that you have met at classes or at the park? Lots of dogs may mean the party would be best in your local park, if the weather is good you can have a barbecue – just watch out for some sneaky doggy tactics to get the sausages or burgers!

Take lots of balls and doggy treats to keep them out of mischief.

You could organize a country walk with the dogs, something that everyone would enjoy.

Have a great day!