First Birthday Decorations For Twins

First birthday decorations for your twins’ party you will want to be colorful and fit with your theme.

A baby’s first birthday party is a much-awaited event. Close family friends and relatives will be very excited to celebrate with you the twins’ first birthday. If your twins have a few playdate friends invite them over too, their parents included.A first birthday party need not be stressful.

You don’t have to splurge on food. A simple fare of cupcakes and punch, some hotdogs and maybe a simple pasta dish and fruit platter for the adults will do. First birthday themes have been in vogue since time immemorial. The only difference now is there are more choices for themes unlike some 30 years ago when moms where limited in birthday party resources.

Today, think of any 1st birthday theme and chances are there are first birthday decorations appropriate for such theme. A 1st birthday party theme for twins can focus on the any tandem idea. If the twins are both boys, consider Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. If the twins are both girls how about Little Twin Stars for a theme? Wouldn’t it fun to see a boy and girl twins dressed as Nemo and Dory or a flower and a bumble bee? There are lots of possibilities for 1st birthday themes and first birthday decorations.

What are the essentials in decorating the party venue? Whether the party is a simple home party or a grand one, first birthday decorations are mandatory to set the mood for the party, make the venue festive and excite the small guests.

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Make Your Own Party Decorations

If the party theme for the twins is about flowers and the bees, you can cut out colored papers into different shaped flowers and tape them to walls. Cut smaller versions of the flowers, attached them each to green ribbons then tape the ribbons on the ceilings. The flower “hangings” would definitely add a point of interest. Purchase some plastic bees and other garden insects and attach them to the paper flowers on the walls. If you can, hang some flickering Tivoli lights to make as if there are fireflies flitting about the flowers.

You don’t have to stop there. Fill empty vases with real flowers and place them on the buffet and coffee tables. Choose flowers like Gerbera and Mums for they are available in different colors. Don’t forget to order some balloons for the party too. Choose paper plates, napkins, cups and party hats that will go with the theme. If your theme is Winnie the Pooh, then you can buy 1st birthday decorations with the Pooh theme. There would be no need to improvise decorations. However, being imaginative with 1st birthday decorations is fun too.

Don’t forget the cake! The cake has to be in sync with the motif of the party. Order two cakes for the twins. There are bakeshops that make cupcakes that are themed with the birthday cakes. Opt for that as the cupcakes could be the birthday party favors. Don’t forget the two #1 candles!

The rule of thumb when considering 1st birthday decoration is that the more (decors) the merrier! Have fun decorating!