First Birthday Cupcake Ideas

Your very own 1st birthday cupcake

Your very own 1st birthday cupcake

A first birthday cupcake is a good idea and it helps when your little birthday person can have their own cake and so can their friends too! Sharing isn’t a big thing when you are one!

Plus as an adult it’s also nice to have a cake that hasn’t been squashed by tiny fingers.

Cupcakes on a cake stand look so pretty, you could have them decorated in pink for a little girl and blue for a boy. You could decorate them with the number 1, or their initial, spell out their name in cupcakes – this looks great in the photos or have their favorite character on the top.

cupcake-standAny cake recipe will work for cupcakes just reduce down the time they are in the oven in comparison to the larger cake recipe.

You can also buy ready made cupcakes either decorated or plain from most supermarkets and bakers. Decorating them at home means that you can personalize them as much as you want.

A cupcake is also the perfect size for one candle!

To display your cupcakes you can buy or rent special cupcake stands – they are very popular at weddings. Have a look for a catering hire company or local bakers if you need to display a large number of cakes. If the numbers are more manageable then you could use a vintage style cake stand or stack them in a pyramid with a candle on the top – just make sure noone takes a cake from the bottom layer first!

You can also make and paint your own cupcake stand from cardboard, have a look at the princess cupcake stand to see what I mean.


Princess Cupcake Stand

Princess Cupcake Stand

Or you could buy a cardboard cupcake stand, we have added some below, available from Birthday Express.

Cupcakes as you can see can also make a great 1st birthday theme and there are lots of pieces that you could add to your party.


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