Farm Party Supplies

Perfect For Your 1st Birthday Party

Farm party supplies are a great addition to your farm and animal first birthday theme as most little one year olds and their friends love animals. Some will also have started to say their favorite animal so make sure you include them too.

farm-cakeKids ages 1 to 9 will enjoy an afternoon full of farm animals (stuffed toys will do), bales of hay, cornstalks, scarecrows and more! A farm theme birthday party is perfect for a backyard party. There is no need to rent a birthday venue for any home yard will do. What money you save on rentals can be spent on other party items such as farm party supplies.


You can definitely put into good use farm animal theme plates, cups, napkins, tablecover and other decorations. There are ready-made farm or barnyard theme invites that you can purchase in any party supplies stores but crafting your own invites is more creative.

Make Your Own Farm-Themed Birthday Invitations

Farm and barnyard parties is best represented by the colors red, blue, yellow and green. Get a red card stock paper and cut out the shape of a barn. Make sure you cut the doors and fold them back so they open. Prepare a white card stock making sure the cut out barn is smaller than the white card stock. Coat the entire perimeter of the barn’s backside with glue making sure you avoid the doors. Press the red cut-out barn on to the white card stock. Decorate the white card stock with stickers of farm animals. You might even want to have your child draw a backdrop of trees and flowers on the white card stock .Fold back the doors of the barn and write in the details of the birthday. Get creative with the wordings. Put the invites in a blue or yellow envelope and send them out at least 3 weeks in advance.

Farm Decorations

Make a real effort to make the yard look like a barnyard. You can rent cornstalks and bales of hay for the party. There are farm party supplies where you could hire a mini petting zoo for the party. Kids will definitely love to pet and feed ducklings, bunnies, chicks and lamb. You can opt to decorate the place with Mylar balloons shaped like cows, pigs and chicken. You can save on Mylar balloons by grouping them with colored latex balloons before tying them up in strategic spots. You can make a barn out of big boxes then paint them red. If your child has a red toy wagon, hitch it up as a vehicle for a hay ride. Make a scarecrow by filling up an old pair of overalls and plaid shirt with old newspaper. Use a rounded Styrofoam for the head. Top it with a straw hat for a realistic scarecrow. At the entrance, put up a sign that says this way to a fun barn party.

Fun Farm Activities

Have someone do balloon twisting. The kids will truly enjoy animal-shaped balloons. For the younger guests, you can let them imitate the sound of farm animals then give them a prize if they sound authentic enough. Give prizes to the loudest or noisiest or longest animal sound.

If there is a haystack, hide candies and small gift items in the pile of hay before the party starts. Let the children take their turn digging in the stack to look for the prizes. Give each child the same amount of time look for prizes. One to two minutes will do.

Prepare as much activities as possible to make the party fun and alive.

Make sure you prepare party food that children will like. You can serve corn dogs, French fries, corn on the cob, pasta dish, baked potatoes, beans and fried chicken. Do not forget the themed birthday cake and ice cream.