Elmo Birthday Party Supplies For Your 1st Birthday Party

Lots of Elmo Birthday Party supplies to buy and ones to make yourself that are perfect for your first birthday theme.

Elmo is Sesame Street’s 3 ½ year old furry red Muppet with an orange nose. He is the favorite character of most toddlers because of his sweet and endearing character. As with most toddlers, Elmo refers to himself in the third person. His pet goldfish is Dorothy and he lives with his mommy and daddy in an apartment.

Everyone loves Elmo. More often than not, Elmo-themed parties are popular for one year olds and toddlers.

Elmo Invitations

Make a list of your guests so you can determine how many invitations you need. You can buy ready-made invitations from stores that sell Elmo birthday supplies or you can make your personalized invites. Take a picture of the birthday celebrant with his/her Elmo. Edit the photo by adding text as to the what, where and why of the invites. Have the digital file printed on gloss paper at photo shops. Buy matching envelopes and send out the invitations at least 2 weeks in advance.

Elmo Decorations

It goes without saying that the color motif foe an Elmo party is red. You can add yellow and blue to make the color motif more interesting. Elmo birthday supplies include banners, streamers, table covers, piñatas, cake toppers, and latex and mylar balloons. You can also opt to have Elmo cut-outs on walls. Get creative and line up Elmo stuffed dolls on sofas or on the floor for the little guests to play with. Purchase Elmo centerpieces for the tables. Get some Elmo party blowers for your guests to enjoy.

You can opt to use yellow table cloth to set off the Elmo centerpiece. You can make your own centerpiece by tying some balloons on an Elmo stuffed toy. There is no need to get all your decorations from and Elmo birthday party supplies from a store. Get creative and crafty!

Elmo Party Hats

There are plenty of Elmo hats at any store that sells Elmo birthday party supplies. However, you can make unique party hats instead. Buy red caps and draw Elmo’s eyes and nose on it using fabric paints. You can also opt to use felt cut-outs for Elmo’s face. Your little guests will love their personalized hats. Have the kids do some coloring activities on an Elmo coloring book as you wait for other guests to arrive.

Elmo Partyware

A regular Elmo birthday party supplies Deluxe pack includes 8 invitations, dinner plates, cups, spoons, forks, 16 napkins, activity placemats, table cover, mylar balloons and 24 latex balloons, crepe paper rolls, curling ribbons for the balloons, confetti and cake candles. A more elaborate Elmo birthday party package includes the previous items plus an Elmo airwalker balloon, a giant balloon, an Elmo pinata, cone hats, cake plates and one Sesame Street party game.

Elmo Favor Bags

You can buy Elmo loot or favor bags at site that sell Elmo birthday party supplies. You can also opt to buy a pre-packer favor set inclusive of stickers, sticker book, Sesame Street puzzle, silly straw and tub tints in an Elmo favor bag. You have options for party favors. You can have Elmo cup cakes, Elmo stuffed toy, Elmo t-shirts and more as party giveaway.

Have fun creating your Elmo first birthday party!