Dora Party Supplies For Your 1st Birthday Party

Dora party supplies are a great way to theme your 1st birthday party. Dora the Explorer and her friends – Diego, Boots, Tico and Swiper are a big hit amongst one year olds. Plus if you have older children then they will also enjoy a Dora party. Our daughter still loves Dora and she is six! I am a bit of a fan too!

Most Dora birthday party supply kits include tableware good for 8. This is inclusive of dinner or lunch plates, desert plates, spoons and forks, centerpiece, steamer, banner, balloons, birthday cake candles and invitations. You can choose to order a Dora-themed cake or bake the cake yourself. You also have the option to settle for cupcakes and decorate cupcake rings or Dora toppers for a great Dora Birthday party.

Do-it-yourself Dora the Explorer Birthday Party Invitation

You can always settle for a personally crafted party invitation. Why not create a Dora invitation by searching a fitting design online, download it to your PC or laptop, do the necessary edits and then printing it on a photo paper. If you don’t have a printer you can always save the file in a flash drive and have it printed in a photo shop.

You can also choose to make the invitation yourself with the help of the birthday celebrant. Use a 4″X6″ card stock and add a boarder on it by drawing Dora and her company of friends. You can add some Dora-themed pictures such as a map, binoculars and backpack. For a more creative touch you can even choose to draw a map to your house on parchment paper, add the pertinent landmarks and write the necessary party details.

Dora Party Supplies Decor

You don’t have to buy all decorations from a Dora Birthday Party Supplies Store. You can create your own jungle decor simply by decking the room with brown and green rolls of butcher paper.

To create a tree trunk, simply tear off sheets of brown paper then crumple them for a tree-trunk effect. Add some branches as well. Using a double-sided tape, attach the paper trunk and branches on the wall. Cut green paper for leaves and tape them on the paper tree branches.

Get some green and yellow crepe paper and drape them on doorways. Hang some from the ceiling for a more authentic jungle ambiance. It would be great if you can add some stuffed animals around the room. You add some different shades of green balloons all around the room for a more festive feel.

You can also buy some ready made decorations from the Dora Party supplies if time has run out and you are not feeling that creative.

Dora the Explorer Party Food

The idea is to keep the food simple as kids do not want fancy food. You can make small baggies of trail mix to give to kids to munch on. For the main course, you can cook a simple turkey or chicken stew. Kids and adults would love this very filling food. Serve some chicken quesadillas, nachos and burritos too. For drinks, mix some really refreshing fruit smoothies. For dessert, serve ice cream and rice pudding. You don’t need to have an elaborate spread for the kids. As long as there are some yummy treats and a lot of fun, your Dora the Explorer party will be a smash.

Do not forget to get a pinata from the Dora birthday party supplies shop!