Disney Princess Party Supplies & Ideas

A Disney Princess party is a great girl’s 1st birthday party idea and if this is your first girl then you will probably want her party to be as girly as possible. I know I did!


Photo by Almar Flotildes

Celebrating your one-year old girl’s birthday is truly a milestone. Though your pretty baby girl will not have an inkling of her first birthday celebration, the pictures and videos of the occasion will be proof enough of the wonderful birthday bash. What better way to mark the occasion than by choosing a Disney Princess Party for her?

Your options are plenty. Imagine your baby girl dressed up as Jasmine. Imagine her from under the sea and the rest of your guests dressed as sea denizens. What about Cinderella or Princess Aurora? What about Fiona? Or how about a Frozen party theme?

If you can’t decide, here are some ideas for a Disney Princess party. No need to worry about Disney Princess Party Supplies as there are plenty of stores where you can source them.

Princess Party Supplies

disney-princessOther Princess options are Mulan, Jasmine, Snow White, Rapunzel and Fiona. If you lack the time to do all these personal touches you can always browse at any online store that sells Disney Princess Party Supplies.

A basic pack includes plates, cups, spoons and forks, matching napkins, balloons, table cover, and streamers and curling ribbons. Get some tiaras and princess wands for your little guests too. It would be a fun sight to see little princesses all over.



You could have such an amazing Frozen themed first birthday. Lots of pretend snow with paper snowflakes and white felt. Definitely lots of glitter too and of course Elsa and Anna, and my favorite Olaf.

Princess Ariel

An Under the Sea theme is an interesting theme for your baby girl. She can be Ariel! There are plenty of options for a mermaid costume and you can get one at any Disney Princess Party supplies store. Or you can opt to dress the stroller in aqua blue cloth, stick some starfish and other sea creatures and multi-colored coral on it. For your baby girl, make a fish tail by cutting a fish-scale fabric in the shape of a fish tail and sewing together. For the upper body, draw the shape of 2 clams on a beige leotard to seemingly cover her chest.

Princess Aurora

Photo by Clever Cupcakes

Photo by Clever Cupcakes

How about as Princess Aurora? Again you can opt to buy a costume at any store that sells Disney Princess Party supplies or get creative.

Try baking some tiny teacakes sprinkled with multi-colored candies or mini crowns.

You make a crown for your daughter using colored craft foam cut into the shape of a crown and then deck it with acrylic gems and stones.


Belle is a great choice too. You can decorate your party venue to make it look like a castle’s ballroom. Source for banners and posters at any Disney Princess party supplies store to decorate the venue’s walls. Make a personal touch by making a crown decked with flowers for your little princess.


Cinderella! Oh the young and old love Cinderella. You can set the mood for a Cinderella theme party by sending out fancy gloves with elegant lacy trim as invitation. All you need are paper doilies, glue stick, plain craft paper and colored markers. Trace your child’s hand on the paper doily making sure that the palm is on the plain part and the cuff on the lacy perimeter. Use this as the template for cutting more gloves. Glue together two gloves at the fingers and at the edges but leave the wrist part open for that is where you’ll insert the party details printed on the craft paper.


Princess Party Games

If you are looking for some princess games that are suitable for one year olds how about this great princess pop up castle. You can just imagine your little ones enjoying crawling into the tent! You could fill the tent with lots of cushions to make it a snuggly den.

Or if you have older children at the party you could test to see if you have any real princesses by placing a pea under a mattress or cushion and see if they can feel it. For a bit of added fun you could put a small ball in the lining of the cushion and then your little guests will think they have felt the pea. Some of the older boys may not admit it though!

Have a fun Princess 1st Birthday!