Diego Party Supplies

Diego party supplies are a great addition to a A Go Diego Go! Party for your little boy.

Go Diego, Go! Anyone familiar with the Dora the Explorer animated show definitely knows who Diego is. He is the 8-year old boy who tries his best to help animals in danger. He is the cousin of Dora and his pet is Baby Jaguar. Diego’s favorite place is the rainforest where he feels right at home with the animals. Go Diego, Go! has become a very popular TV show for little kids.

Diego Party Decorations

A Go Diego, Go! birthday party must have a fitting decoration. A rainforest or jungle décor will do. You can cut some green paper into different-sized leaves and string them as vines all over the walls and ceiling. Put a brown paper covering on the buffet table before adding some paper vines on it. For a more interesting look, adds some plastic toy snakes, spiders and butterflies on the vine. Strew some stuffed animal toys in the birthday room. There are animal print balloons available so make sure you get a few for a more interesting look.


Diego Party Food

The secret in preparing a smashing party food is to prepare something that your little guests will be interested in. Why not prepare a spread of jungle-themed foodies that the kids will enjoy. You don’t have to really prepare something exotic. Prepare traditional food but give them creative names. Serve dried raisins or cranberries and call them dried ants. You can serve the kids live worms by cutting hotdogs into strips and then boiling them until they curl. Potato chips can be beetle wings. Sliced apple wedges can be called croc teeth. Add a bowl of gummy worms and green fruit leather too. For drinks, prepare juices and label them jingle juice. Bake some chocolate and lemon cupcakes. Ice them green and then top with Diego rings or toppers. You can opt to order a special Diego cake big enough for all your guests.

Go Diego, Go! Goody Bags

Diego pencils and erasers, stickers, slap bands, rubber wrist bands, notebooks and more! You have plenty of options to choose from for party favors. Paddle ball set is a sure hit to your little guests. There are Diego maze games too for older kids. A spotting scope included in the loot bag is a must. Make sure you put all the goodies in themed party bags.


Games are expected in a Go Diego, Go! birthday party. You can get creative and do your own games. There are activity packs available in Diego party supplies shops and it is up to you to choose which ones will best suit your little guests. You don’t need to depend on these activity packs as you can make your own party games such as easy and fun obstacle course, Simon says make-believe hunting games and more.

Don’t forget the pinata!