Bee Party Supplies

Bee party supplies are perfect for a first birthday theme party and the outfits are very cute too!

Bzzzzzz…a bumble bee party! A bee party is sure to be fun! You can decorate your indoor or outdoor venue as a fitting place for bees to fly about! Your backyard would do fine as the backdrop for a bee party.

There is no need to worry about finding Bee party stuff as there are hundreds of materials for such party. A bee party pack in black and yellow motif comes in sets of 8 inclusive of lunch plates, dessert plates, cups, napkins. If you prefer a more feminine bee party supplies, there are party packs accented by the color pink.

Bee Party Supplies Invitations

You can choose to have a customized invitation. You can design the invitation, insert a picture of the birthday celebrant then use the home printer to print the invites. Download a cutesy bee cartoon then print on cream invitation cards. Or, why not let your child put on a bee costume, take a picture of your child then print on the invitation? You can also choose to have a professional printer do the invitation.

How about a creative party invites in the shape of a bee? You can draw the shape of a bee on a yellow construction paper. Add black stripes using a black marker or cut-out black felt paper, cut out wings on vellum paper then attach to the yellow bee cutout. Hot-glue black pipe cleaners as antennae on the yellow bee construction paper. Write the party details on the other side of the yellow bee and you are done.

Bee Party Supplies Decorations

The color motif should emphasize the bee theme so settle for yellow, black and white. You can add pink should you choose the Bee party supply pack in pink. Decorate the venue with large yellow bee cutouts complete with black stripes, wings and antennae. You should laminate the cutout first though so you could hang them outside. Spruce up the garden by spreading out paper flowers in the garden. Stick colorful pinwheels on the ground leading to the party venue. Make post or steamer with welcoming words such as Fun Bee Party This Way! or Welcome to My Bee Party!

Attach yellow and black balloons in bunches around the area. Attach bumble bee dangling whirl decors on ceilings, posts and from low hanging tree branches. Place a terracotta pot filled with candy on each table then strew out plastic bees and other insects around it. Use yellow table cover on the buffet table and place bee tissue centerpiece. Choose cupcakes with bee picks as part of the table décor and food provision.

Bee Party Games

Bee and Flower Painting: Have lots of card and paints and lots of supervisors to help your little party guests bee (sorry couldn’t resist)very creative.

Catch Bugs: Before the party starts, hide plastic insects all over the party area. During game-time hand the kids paper bags and instruct them to look for the hidden bugs. Help the little ones find bugs. Everyone is a winner as they get to keep the plastic bug toys.

Bee Party Food

Be creative and name the food such caterpillar hotdogs, yummy-gummy worms, macaroni and honey cheese, chips and honey bee dips and more.