Backyardigans Party Supplies

Perfect For Your 1st Birthday Party Ideas

Backyardigans party supplies are perfect for a 1st birthday party as it is quite likely that your little one year old knows the Backyardigans! And their friends probably do too!

The Backyardigans are one of Nick Jr’s popular characters. This group of five friends is Pablo the penguin, Tasha the hippo, Tyrone the moose, Uniqua the girl in pink polka dot dress and Austin the kangaroo. They are every kid’s favorite backyard friends. Their adventures start at their own backyards. Together, they face the challenges they meet in their yards- singing and dancing their way out their predicaments.

Kids and parents have an affinity with this backyard crew that prompts moms and dads to host a Backyardigans birthday party for their kids. You do not have to put much effort in hosting a Backyardigans theme party as Backyardigans party supplies abound both on offline and online party supplies stores. You would not have to worry about invitations, tableware, decorations, party favors and thank you notes. You can even mix-match Backyardigans Party Supplies with other generic solid color tableware for a more interesting set up. Or if you are feeling creativ here are some home-made ideas.

Backyardigans Party Invitaions

You can always buy ready-made themed invites but you can always opt to get your creative juices flowing and craft your own invitations.

One idea is to make an invites based on your child’s favorite Backyardigan character. Print out copies of your child’s Backyardigans character. You can either print it in color or in outline form. If the print is in outline form, have your kid color the character first before cutting it out. Paste the cutout Backyardigans character on the front of a folded poster board. Write something like “Come to my Backyardigans Party!” and then write on the inside fold the details of the party.

A novel idea is to design a postcard with a Backyardigan backdrop. Your one year old’s photo is then integrated in the postcard including the party details. Have the design reproduced using gloss photo paper.

Backyardigans Decorations

Hang posters and pictures of the Backyardigans group. Cut moose or penguin footprints and arrange them on the walkway from the entrance leading to the party area. You could make it more interesting by adding the sign print “follow Tyrone’s (or Pablo’s) trail.”

Use solid colored balloons in orange, yellow, purple, pink and blue. Add Mylar balloons of the Backyardigans group. Backyardigans plush toys could add points of interest on the buffet table. You can add character standees of each of the Backyardigans character. Instead of buying standees you can just paste pictures of each of the Backyardigans onto a cardboard and prop them up with wooden sticks.

Backyardigans Party Activities

Dance the party away! Play some Backyardigans music and have your guests sway to the rhythm.

Hide some goodies in the party area before guests arrive and set up a Backyardigans Treasure Hunt. Try not to hide the items too tight so younger kids can find them. You can offer help by putting lead arrows to help the kids locate the treasures.

Get someone to lead “Pablo says”, a variation of the time-tested party game “Simon says”.

At the end of the fun activities, gather the kids around for a Backyardigans story-telling time.

Backyardigans Party Food

Do not overwhelm the kids with food. They would prefer something simple.Here are some suggestions. pizza hotdogs peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cheese and crackers popcorn ice cream with toppings optionFor the adult guests you can serve soft tacos stuffed with tuna or chicken salad, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. Serve milk, juices and water to guests.