Baby Pool Party – Lots Of First Birthday Ideas

baby-poolA baby pool party for your child’s first birthday is a fun event for both children and adults. If you have a pool in your house, so much the better but, since the celebrant and his/her guests are babies and toddlers too, several sets of inflatable baby pools in the backyard would do. What to do? First, make sure it is warm enough for a baby pool party. The best time for baby pool parties is during summer, of course.

Set the Date

Set the date and time for your party. Make a guest list. You can buy ready-made invitations or you can make them. You can browse online for pool party invitation templates, download one and print. You can even use computer software and design your own. A novel idea is to take a photo of your child lounging by a small inflatable pool. Have several copies printed for the invites. Make sure you include the details of the party. Include reminders that guests are to bring swimsuit and towel. Assure moms and dads that the pools to be used are small inflatables and not a real swimming pool.

Party Decor

If you have a full-size pool, make sure it is child-proofed. Have gates and fences to secure the pool. Fill the pool with small inflatable rings, boats and rubber duckies. Choose to have the babies swim in the inflatable pools and not in the real pool. Doing so will be easier for all the moms and dads as they do not have to get into the water to safely hold their babies. Buy a lot of toy pails, rubber balls for the little guests. Take a photo of the celebrant, have it blown-up for a life-size cardboard cutout or have it printed on a tarpaulin. Place the photo cutout or tarp at the entrance. Do not forget the balloons.


Do not prepare overly heavy dishes. Stick to cupcakes, ice-cream and juice. You can get creative and have the cupcakes iced in blue and then topped with blueberries. You can serve blueberry muffins and iced tea for the adults. Fresh fruit salad would be more than welcome. Buy some fish-shaped cookies and crackers for the little ones to nibble on. A baby pool party will not be complete without a themed birthday cake.

Games and Activities

Your little guests will be happy splish-splashing away in the shallow inflatable pool. Put out some mini watering cans and colorful plastic cups for them to pour water in and out of the pool. Be ready to refill the baby pool in case the water level is low. Old tub toys like rubber ducks, water squirters and floating animals will amuse the baby guests. Play some nursery song relating to water in the background. Encourage everyone to sing and splish-splash away!

Safety is a primary concern for baby pool parties. Make sure there are enough adults to supervise and oversee the little ones. A good proportion is 1:1 – one adult per baby or toddler, more so if the pool to be used is a real pool and not one of those colorful inflatable ones.