Your Baby Boy First Birthday

Your baby boy first birthday! Your little man is one!

It’s definitely time to celebrate with all things that little boys love.

Boy's 1st Birthday TimeI am talking about cars, bikes, trucks – anything with wheels really and you can’t forget animals and balls! You almost want to build an adventure playground made of cushions for the day and let them crawl and toddle their way around.

Having lots of cushions on the floor with rugs is good if they are still crawling but can be a bit tricky if you have just learnt to stand on your own two feet!

If the weather is nice then trucks and cars and balls are always played with. My son used to love to play roll it when he was one where you sit opposite and roll a ball or roll of tape back and forwards to each other, he still does but there are a lot more rules now!

If animals are more your little man’s thing then burying lots of plastic animals in a container filled with dry pasta is a very time consuming game. I avoided sand at this age as mine loved to eat it, yuck!

For your party food, finger sandwiches shaped using cookie cutters are fun, served with grapes and fruit, breadsticks and cheese and of course cake is all you need for the small guests.

Decorate the room with everything blue and add your car or animal decoration usng balloons and bunting.


A nice boy party favor is a cookie shaped as a truck or ball, you just know it will be eaten before they get home. Finding toy party favors for one year olds can be tricky as most things have small parts but small balls for each of your guests are safe and fun.

Remember to take lots of photos!

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