Alice In Wonderland Party Supplies

Perfect For Your 1st Birthday Party

Lots of Alice in Wonderland party supplies and ideas for your first birthday themes.

“I’m late! I’m late!”… so goes the harried and hurried White Rabbit as he rushes out pass the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat in his want not to be late for the Red Queen’s tea party. What could be a more exciting birthday party theme than Alice in Wonderland? Aren’t we lucky that putting up a birthday tea party has become easier as there is now a wide variety of Alice in Wonderland party supplies available online? Being in charge of themed invites, decorations, food, cake, games and favors is not as hard as it seems.

Alice in Wonderland Party Invitations

You can always opt for a ready-made invitation if you care to. Add a little creativity by including a playing card or a tea bag inside each invite. However, you can also choose to do your own personalized invitation for your child’s party. Buy parchment paper in sheets and make them like a scroll. You can try to age the edges by burning them with a candle or lighter. Make sure though that you practice caution when doing so. You can hand-print the invitation by using elaborate script or you can just print them out before aging the edges. Roll the parchment paper and tie it with a piece of twine. Address the invitation using English titles such as Duchess, Baron, Lady, Baroness and such. It would be fun for a child to receive an invitation addressed as: Duchess Kimberly or Duke Joshua.

Alice In Wonderland Party Supplies And Decorations

It would be more appropriate to set up an Alice in Wonderland party outdoors with the main buffet table set up in the yard. No birthday tea party would be complete without flowers and other plants to create an English garden ambiance. Of course you can always opt for Alice in Wonderland party supplies such as dinner and cake plates, cups, napkins, balloons, streamers, candles and other decors but you can always get more creative. Get some standees like a giant mushroom, and life-size standees of the Mad Hatter, Alice, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum and the likes, to decorate the place. You can also opt to rent or borrow inflatable trees, stuffed toy animal from the Alice in Wonderland story.

Alice In Wonderland Party Costumes

Of course there is nothing more fun than having your guests come dressed in Alice in Wonderland costumes. Indicate what costume the birthday celebrant is wearing to avoid duplicating the celebrant’s attire. To make it simple you can just provide rabbit-ears and top hats for the guests. Another good idea is to face-paint the guests as cats, rabbits, caterpillar, Jabberwocky, duck, dodo and the likes.

Alice In Wonderland Party Food

It would be in-theme to attach “eat me” and “drink me” labels to food bowls and drink container. Bake some cupcakes, ice them with the word “eat me”. You can also bake cookies shaped as mad hatter’s hat, a rabbit, hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. Shaped-sandwiches would also be fine. Serve a lot of iced and hot tea. Soup is fine, a mock turtle soup, and better! Paint hard-boiled eggs and paint each as Humpty Dumpty. You can even ask the children to paint the eggs themselves as part of the party activities. The cake could be anything that is inspired by the Alice in Wonderland theme – a top hat cake, a three-tiered cake depicting Alice and her friends, cup cakes topped with the story’s characters and more.

The cupcakes can be the party favor. Beaded necklaces, tea pots, key chains, stuffed toy, playing cards or a copy of Alice in Wonderland book would be great ideas for party favors.