1st Birthday Party – What Do You Need To Do?

Your 1st birthday party does not need to be stressful, when it comes to first birthdays it is all about the planning. Planning with an active nearly one year old can be a bit of a nightmare but it is possible when you have some time.

By planning, it means you have to make arrangements at least two months before the party. Sure you can plan a party in two weeks time but that would take a lot of effort on your part. With a baby, a family and maybe a career to balance, planning a party on such short notice will surely strain you to the max. The importance of early planning cannot be emphasized enough. So, for tip number one, plan the 1st birthday early enough to give you ample time to prepare.

What is your budget? The whole party depends on your budget. The number of guests, the decorations, the food, party venue, party entertainment and activities all depend on the budget. Plan the party according to your budget. You need not splurge and be in debt for the sake of a first birthday party. There are options for an inexpensive party. You just have to be resourceful and creative to host an inexpensive yet super fun party.

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Where is the venue? Now that you an idea of how much you are willing to spend for your baby’s 1st birthday party, it is now time to decide where to hold the party. If you a budget set aside for the venue, now is the time to look for the venue that best suit your budget and requirements. Before you finally book and reserve the place ask questions like: how many hours are allotted to you; are there corkage fees; are you allowed to decorate the place or are the decors part of the rental fees and so on. You should also consider the location of the venue. If it is too far from your area and that of your guests then the venue is impractical. You might find your party with too few guests. What is the theme? It is easier to plan a party when there is a revolving theme. You will be able to do the invitations, make or create or buy the appropriate decorations, plan party activities and party favors based on the theme. Choose the party’s theme and work out the rest of the details with the theme in mind. However, a party theme is not that necessary to make for a successful party.

How many guests are you inviting? How many babies, toddlers, young kids and adults are coming to the party? The number of guests is a very important aspect in determining the number invitations needed, number of chairs and tables, amount of food and beverage, number of party favors and the number of age-appropriate games that you need to prepare. Generally speaking, it is easier to plan and organize a small party. For a first birthday party, why not settle for just family and close friends.

First Birthday Invitation Send out the invitations at least three weeks before the party. This is advisable so as to give your guests enough time to clear their schedule for the first birthday party.

Food and Decorations. The food that you will serve will depend on the time of the party. If the party is set at snack time, then it is fine to serve snack food such as: cheese and crackers; fruit and vegetable platters, pasta salad, cookies, fruit drinks, cupcakes and ice cream.

Decorate the venue according to your first birthday themes . Do some research on the type of decor to put up. Use your imagination. Buy or make the necessary decorations well in advance so you will not be pressed for time.

The most important thing to consider when planning a 1st birthday party is to plan early to give you enough time to prepare and a leeway in case something unexpected happens. Which of course it will!

To help you get everything organized here are some free printable checklists with everything you need to do before your 1st birthday party.

Your Free First Birthday Party Plans