1st Birthday Princess

A 1st birthday princess theme is a must – you have probably been calling her your little princess since the day she was born, and now she is going to be one!

Your princess party invites will set the theme for the party. There are lots of ready made invites to choose from and most are lovely – you can even buy party kits where the decorations and invites, plus favors are already included.

1st Birthday Princess

1st Birthday Princess

If you are looking to make your own invites then you could have a castle shape, or crown cut out of pink card and then decorated with glitter or craft stamps. If you have older children then this is a nice way to include them in the party planning.

Your decorations will probably be pink! Remember to decorate your 1st birthday princess’ high chair as a royal throne – complete with tiara! Stick bunting to the tray of the high chair and drape a piece of cheap pink or silver material on the seat – remember to cut holes for the straps for safety.

It is highly unlikely that the tiara will be worn for long so make sure a photo is taken when it is! For a more lasting party outfit you can buy princess bibs to complete the look.

Your princess cake will be photographed lots – you could buy a ready made princess cake from the local bakers or create your own. This pink cake recipe is a good start for a girly cake. To make a simple castle shape use the recipe to make 4 square layers, stack them into 2 layers with jam and then use one as the main castle, with the other as the turrets on either side. Cover the whole cake in butter icing and then decorate with pink sweets for the door and windows.

I also found this more professional 1st birthday princess cake, complete with easy to follow directions, worth a watch if you are feeling more creative.

When you are choosing games for a first birthday party it is worth remembering that they are only one! Traditional games such as pass the parcel just won’t be understood.

We had put the crown on the princess at our daughter’s first birthday party (instead of pin the tail on the donkey), it kind of worked but the biggest hit was all of the pink balloons and the wrapping paper. 

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