1st Birthday Poems For Your First Birthday Cards

1st birthday poems are great to use on your birthday invitations and first birthday cards, your little one may not understand the poem now but years later they will love the idea that a poem was written just for them.

Although the advent of internet has afforded us with online birthday cards and interactive cards, nothing beats the essence of a beautifully crafted and worded first birthday card. The poem can be funny or sentimental. It can be short or long. You can buy a blank card and write the poem yourself. Just a few heart-felt sentences will be fine. What is important is that you are able to convey your first birthday wish to your child.

There are a variety of first birthday cards available at stationery shops. Although giving a birthday card to a one-year old is certainly not an option for most of your guests, you can somehow persuade them to make one during the birthday party. An easy way to go about this is to buy ready-made first birthday cards. You also have the option of printing cards with your baby’s picture on it.

Make the birthday-card-poem-writing event a birthday fun activity. If you have very young guests maybe their moms or dads can do the actual first birthday poem writing. The young guests could perhaps help in doing artwork on the cards. Prepare crayons, colorful beads, paper flowers and leaves for decorating the card. For older kids, give them some ready-made poems that they could copy and modify. Here are some 1st birthday poems that you could use as samples.

This is your first BirthdayA very special one

A nice kind of day

for treats and lots of fun.

From the time you get up

Till you go Nighty night

Hope your first Birthday

Is a special delight.


You’re as cute as a bug

So precious to hug

A darling child

who’s nice to be near.

So.. hope turning one

Is happy and fun

And takes you along

To a second great year


Because today’s your 1st Birthday

And you’re so special too,

Everything that’s happy,

Is being wished for you.

Have a lovely day


Today is your first birthday oh what joy!

It’s been a year of love, laughter and fun

I wish you goodwill, happiness and health

May you have many more birthdays this I pray.

The shorter the 1st birthday poems, the better it will be for the young guests. However, it is best to encourage everyone to write their own poems. Perhaps a prize in the offing will get your guest’s literary juices flowing!