1st Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

The first thing that needs to be thought of and acted on is the 1st birthday party invitation. The invitation should be in theme, if there is one.

For both boys and girls, a wonderful idea for a first birthday party invitation is a printed out copy of your baby’s current picture computer-tweaked to have a bubble that says “I’m one! Let’s have some fun!”. Use that as the front of a folded invitation. On the inside face, type down the party details using kid’s font or write it down exaggerating and inverting some letters to look like a child’s handwriting. Select colorful envelopes for the invites. Decorate the envelopes with some glitters and cutouts to make them more personalized and attractive.

Another bright idea is to make your own baby’s birth certificate using a computer. You can copy an original birth certificate format and tweak and modify it to include the birthday party’s information. Put each certificate in a brown envelope and send to guests. Try to source fake postage stamps for the envelope. Your guests would surely find the legal document quite amusing.

If you are into arts and crafts, bring out your paste and scissors for a papier mache 1st birthday party invitation. Buy some ready-made cardboard boxes of 4″ x 4″ x 3″. Cover both pieces of the box with three layers of paper approximately 1″ wide. When you are done with the papering, leave the box to dry for 24 hours on a wire rack. Lightly sand the surfaces of the box with fine sandpaper and give it a coat or white poster paint. Let the paint dry. Choose the final color of the box. For your baby girl, choose pink or lavender. For your baby boy, choose light or royal blue. Give the box two coats of color, drying in between each application. Decorate the box cover with glitters and glass “gemstones” in assorted colors. Print out invitations to fit in the box. You can use computer software. Just set the page layout for the invites to fit in the box. Send out these wonderful papier mache box invitations. The boxes can serve as party souvenirs too.

You also have an option of ordering personalized invites from a printer. The downside is that you need to order a certain minimum number. If your guest list is a short one, you can opt to buy ready-made party invitations instead.

First birthdays are special. Making unique and hand-made invitations will make the occasion more special. Make sure the invitations are out at least three weeks prior to the occasion.

Of course for most of us time is one of those things that you just don’t have enough of, so if you are running out of time here are some great first birthday invites that you can get now!