Vintage 1st Birthday Invitations

Vintage 1st birthday invitations are hard to find, you could be lucky and find an original set on Ebay but then who would want to use them?!

Instead you could look to make them yourself. All you will need is an old children’s book that you like the illustrations or any vintage children’s illustration that you have fallen in love with! It could be an old card, wrapping paper, or even material. The old children’s books are easy to find in thrift stores and you may still have one left over from your own childhood – I know I do! Don’t worry if the book is missing pages or is a bit torn all you need is one illustration.


Just love these little girls, they would be perfect on a 1st birthday invite.pattern-girl

Take the page that you want to copy either by scanning or photocopying and then cut out the cut figures. Use these figures as the base of your own unique vintage 1st birthday invitation. Turn your invite into a collage with these beautiful pictures, they look great on a vintage patterned sheet which you can buy from most craft stores. Polka dots and funky seventies flower designs would be perfect.

Once you have your illustration you can add them to cards, party hats and even a birthday t-shirt.

Having a vintage theme 1st birthday party is a lovely way to remember your own childhood and a great excuse to have all of those yummy treats.

Of course you can always buy some gorgeous invitations instead. Here are some very sweet ones.