1st Birthday Halloween Party

1st-halloweenWhen it comes to your 1st birthday Halloween party it is all about dressing up and having fun.

And that is no different for your little one year old, they will want to join in the Halloween party too.

Thankfully this is not about dressing them up to scare their friends ( that comes later), instead this is all about looking cute. And there are loads of very cute Halloween costumes for your little ones to choose from.

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When my daughter Emily was one, her big brother at the grand age of three knew that you dressed up and there were a lot of sweets! So he dressed up as Dracula and Emily went as a pumpkin. There really wasn’t that much choice for little ones in fancy dress. But now there is!

From my experience fancy dress can be a bit hit and miss for a one year old. Some are not fazed by hats and wings, others just don’t want to know. I know of many parents that have turned up at a fancy dress party with a bag of clothes just incase.

You will also want to think about whether they can move about in their outfit as they will either be crawling or toddling their way into mischief. They won’t want to just sit there when there is so much going on.

If you are thinking of having a Halloween 1st birthday party then you can have double the fun.

Halloween Party Games

Games when you are one are about exploring and finding out what is going on, you just need to make sure they are supervised at all times.

  • One fun game that works when you are one and older is a big bowl of jello (you know this is going to be messy) and have candy worms and bugs or fruit. Then have your guests find the worms in the jello.
  • Coloring and sticking Halloween shapes to their own hat. Craft activities are always a good way to start a party and it gives the Moms and Dads a chance to chat while they help their children.
  • Decorating spooky cupcakes.
  • teddy-mummyStick the nose, eyes and mouth on the pumpkin. You could have lots of little squash instead of one big pumpkin.
  • You could have a ghost hunt where the parents and children have to find ghost pictures that you have stuck around your home. You could make it harder for older children by having a message on numbered ghosts that they have to arrange in the right order.
  • Lots of orange balloons with pumpkin faces to be played with.
  • Mummy game where teddy bears have to be wrapped in toilet paper. As you can see from our very cute looking teddy this is a fun game and not at all scarey.

1st Birthday Halloween Party Food

1st-halloween-cakeHalloween party food can be shaped cookies shaped as ghosts, sandwiches cut out using cookie cutters the same way, you can have bowls of grapes and vegetable sticks and put fun labels on them. But as you know most of this will be lost on your little guests as they will be wanting their normal foods so don’t go mad with the food.

You can however go to town on the cake!