1st Birthday Gift Ideas For Twins

1st Birthday gift ideas for twins are great as there is nothing more exciting than opening gifts! Who does not enjoy the ripping sound of wrappers as gifts are being opened? The joy of opening gifts is more on the anticipation. Not knowing what’s inside the box brings more excitement on the onlookers at it does on the “giftee.”

Shop For 1st Birthday Gifts

Choosing the right kind of gift is an art. You have to personally know the intended recipient so as to gauge the right gift for the said person. However, when buying gifts for one-year-olds, generic gifts are fine for today’s toy manufacturers have done researches and studies on the pros and cons of their designs. For first birthday gift ideas the thrust would be more on whether the gift would stimulate the physical or mental aspect of the child.

Playskool Busy Ball Popper. The most popular 1st birthday gift idea that stimulates the mental and fine motor skills of a one-year old is the Playskool Busy Ball Popper. Five colorful balls are dropped on a winding track where they happily and noisily tumble down and pop right up the middle of the whole ensemble so baby can start the whole route all over again and again and again. This toy is highly stimulating and entertaining for a baby.

Fisher-Price Little People® Animal Sounds FarmThis is a classic toy that has been updated. It is now battery operated so there are actual animal sounds coming out of the barn. This toy is highly educational as any one-year old would love to hear animal sounds. The handling of the animals is a fine motor exercise. Mom can even make up a story about the farmer and his animals.

Pound ‘n Play Toddler Activity Toy. This is one perfect 1st birthday gift idea. The toy has four balls with different “facial” expression and a hammer is used to pound the balls. A hidden ramp under the toy brings the balls right back up where a mirror is placed to catch the baby’s attention again. The toy is good for exercising eye and hand coordination and introduces the concept of cause and effect.

Wooden toys are also classics and you can’t beat a wooden Baby Walker with blocks if you wanted a more traditional gift. Hours of fun will be spent pushing the trolley around and trust me the game of building blocks and knocking them down again can last for hours!

Fisher-Price Smart Bounce & Spin Pony is a great toy for developing gross motor skills for toddlers. The toy allows a baby to bounce up and down, spin around while astride a happy and colorful pony. Toddlers need exercise and bouncing and spinning is a great physical activity for them. The toy is even made more fun because of the animal sounds, music and lights that are added featured of the toy. This toy is a hit for 1st first birthday gift ideas for twins. Buy two and let the twins “ride” their ponies!

There are tens of thousands of 1st birthday gifts ideas for twins. Give each twin a gift as toddlers have no concept (yet) of sharing toys. If you intend to give gifts that enhance gross motor skills, then buy two. Make the toy personal by getting two different colors if you intend to give mentally stimulating gifts, then a little variation is good.