1st Birthday Cake Ideas

1st birthday cake ideas that are healthy and fun are a good idea at your baby’s 1st party, even though we all know it’s about the photo – capturing that first taste of cake – it does help to know that your baby isn’t going to have a sugar or additives overload! If your baby has any allergies then common sense says to provide for those first, my son had terrible eczema from 6 months to 18 months and we were advised to limit his dairy intake.

pretty-1st-cakeMy mum spent ages looking for a cake that had a limited amount of sugar and no dairy, the joke was it must have been made of air. T

Thankfully she found a great vegan cake recipe that we all enjoyed at the party, although the birthday boy was not too sure as he hadn’t had cake before!

A great way to have a healthy birthday cake is to make a cake full of hidden vegetables. Carrot cake beetroot cake , and chocolate courgette cake are ones that we have used many times but in our house they are known as Orange Cake, Pink Cake and Chocolate Cake!

Another sweet birthday cake idea is cupcakes , you could hire a fairy cake stand or use a vintage cake stand to display all of the little cakes. These are also a great time saver as you can buy ready made cupcakes or muffins and decorate them at home.

Quite a few babies won’t have had cake before their first birthday but most will have had a taste of ice-cream, creating an icecream cake is fun and messy, but not as messy as a one year old eating one!

You will probably want some bibs and don’t forget the 1st birthday candle!