1st Birthday Party Ideas For Your Baby

Welcome to 1st Birthday Party Ideas, your complete guide to your baby’s first birthday. 

Where has that first year gone? Does it seem like yesterday you were bringing home a tiny bundle to your family? We have a little boy and girl and it does for us!

lady bug cupcakeSuch an important occasion is a great reason for a party, lots of family and friends will want to be there with the camera and help celebrate. Definately one for the album as your baby probably won’t remember much, and it is lovely to look back with them when they do understand.

When you are choosing your party venue your child will probably be happiest at home or surrounded by familiar things so having your party at your house is a good choice. We had our son’s 1st birthday at his Nana and Poppas and our daughter’s 1st birthday party at home. Both enjoyed their parties even if they did need some help opening the presents!

We have put together ideas from our own, our friends and as an event manager my customer’s 1st birthday parties for your first birthday cake, invitations, party themes, games, gifts and outfits.

You can have lots of fun putting together a great theme for your little one’s first birthday. But don’t get stressed out by trying to have the perfect party this is all about having fun and celebrating the most amazing year with your soon to be one year old.

Make sure you take lots of photos of a great party.

PS. All our 1st birthday party ideas are tried and tested on one year olds!

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